Local Volunteer EMT Makes RescueTouch Senior Help Alert Devices Affordable For Millions

RescueTouch designed to give back to seniors and first responders

RescueTouch Founder, Scott Lepper

Virginia Beach, VA – While serving as a volunteer with Virginia Beach EMS, Scott Lepper has become unquestionably aware of a critical need in emergency medical services.
“Many of our lovable seniors cannot afford the $40 per month for a help alert service, and they have nobody else in their homes to respond should they fall or have a medical emergency,” says Lepper.
So he launched RescueTouch, a help alert service that starts at $14 per month and donates 10% of every membership to neighborhood senior centers and first responders.
“During one of my first duties as an EMT, I responded to a call from Rose, a 76 year old woman who had fallen on her garage floor,” recalls Lepper. “She lived alone and had no relatives nearby. When I asked, she explained she could not afford a traditional help alert service. Unfortunately, this is a very common situation.”
Lepper began to research help alert services and soon crossed paths with industry veteran Thomas Franks, now co-founder of the RescueTouch brand. Franks, who started industry leader LifeGuardian in 1988, saw potential in Lepper’s first responder background and idea to grow the company with the help of “affiliate partners,” mainly fire & rescue squads and senior support organizations.
Locally, Ocean Park and Sandbridge Beach Volunteer Rescue Squads have signed on as affiliate partners, as well as Primeplus Norfolk Senior Center, 900 Acqua Senior Apartments, 101 Mobility and Fire Rescue TV. Additionally, former Deputy Chief William “Bill” Kiley, who served the City of Virginia Beach EMS Department for 35 years before retiring in May, is the first appointee to RescueTouch’s board of advisors.
“Our affiliate partner program is new, but we’re already working with a number of local rescue squads and senior centers,” says Lepper. “We look forward to being able to give back to these organizations that do so much for the community.”
The RescueTouch S.O.S. Caller device has revolutionized the industry, because it does not require call center monitoring; rather, it can be set to call a son or daughter, neighbor, or the front desk at an assisted living facility. It can also be enhanced to include fall detection, GPS location and family text alerts.
“It’s our non-monitored options that make RescueTouch help alert service the affordable choice for millions of families who cannot afford what the other companies offer,” Lepper explains. “And our S.O.S. Callers aren’t just for seniors. Runners, realtors and pre-smartphone children use them… anyone who might need help in a situation where a cell phone isn’t easily accessible.”
For more information about RescueTouch’s products, services and affiliate partners program, visit RescueTouch.com.

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